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What are the characteristics of carton forming machine of hot melt adhesive machine
Source:百度百科    Date:2021-01-20 16:14:53

(1) Face paper automatic Feida conveying part.

(2) Hot melt adhesive automatic circulation, mixing, gluing system.

(3) Hot melt adhesive tape automatic conveying, slitting device, one-time to complete the paperboard box four corners sticking operation.

(4) A vacuum suction fan is set under the conveyor belt to control the relative deviation of the coated paper.

(5) The inner box of the coated paper and the paperboard adopts the hydraulic pneumatic rectifying device, which can accurately position and fit, and the fitting error is ± 0.5mm.

(6) The carton forming part automatically collects the carton to the forming part according to the carton conveying situation above the conveyor belt.