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Daily maintenance of Blister molding machine
Source:百度百科    Date:2021-01-20 16:16:23

1. The machine tool should be kept clean.

2. Take down the worktable panel regularly, clean the dust at the bottom of the worktable and the vacuum filter screen to make the vacuum pipe unobstructed.

3. Regularly check the working condition of the quartz tube in the electric heating furnace plate, and timely replace the damaged quartz tube.

4. Regularly drain the water in the air filter of the air source triplet, fill the oil mist filter with proper amount of lubricating oil, and adjust the amount of oil mist to proper amount.

5. Keep the oil level in the vacuum pump proper. If the oil level is too high, the oil will overflow from the exhaust port. If the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump is too low, the vacuum pump will not meet the requirements, and the vacuum pump will be damaged. For the maintenance of the vacuum pump, see the operation manual of the vacuum pump.